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It is only when we learn to listen and meaningfully engage
that we arrive at a mutual understanding.


The National Clothing Retail Federation of South Africa represents the interests of retailers who are the favoured destinations of millions of men, women and children when choosing their clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, cosmetics and related items. In meeting consumer needs in a highly competitive market, federation members enjoy annual sales of more than R50 billion. Most of that revenue in turn is paid to suppliers for goods and services, to employees in salaries and retirement funding, and to government in taxes, thus helping to fund priority needs in housing, health care and education. As consistent creators of direct and indirect employment, members employ more than 80 000 people in their businesses.

Protecting the principle of competition

In keeping with the highly competitive nature of the sector, the constitution of the federation specifically provides that the principle of competition shall not be compromised through its activities. Thus sharing of information or co-operation in any form that could lessen the ability of retailers to compete is not permitted.